What this complex world needs, besides a little more love, is creativity. That's why we set up The Institute of Creativity (TIOC). Our goal is to make this world more creative. We might not have an impressive academic building, but our digital doors are always open. Whether you want to learn the best techniques to challenge the status quo, unravel complexities or redefine what seems impossible: we'll help you unleash your creative superpowers. 




At TIOC we believe that by bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences, we can foster a thriving community of creative thinkers and doers. Our dedicated researchers, educators, and specialists are committed to exploring and understanding creativity. We teach people how to increase their creativity through skill training, sprints, creativity training, creativity consultancy, crowd storming, design challenges, and educational advice. On our digital platform, we invite students, scholars, companies, designers, and artists to collaborate and exchange ideas on creativity.



Our mission? To increase awareness about the importance of creativity and also provide people with the tools needed to increase their creativity.

How? By sharing our knowledge, tools, and skills with others.


Digital Platform

On our digital platform, we provide in-depth articles, interviews, tool kits, and design challenges, all about creativity. The platform also features curated user profiles (a sort of Behance+ where we invite creatives to show their design process), sponsored challenges, and student projects.


Creative Consultancy

TIOC consults educators, companies, and universities to enhance creativity. With various programs, including skill training, sprints, creativity consultancy, design challenges, and educational advice, we help individuals and organizations unleash their creative potential. 


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