We're proud to have the support of the following (media) partners. 



Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/Hogeschool van Amsterdam (AUAS/HvA) is a knowledge institution that educates tomorrow’s professionals in a wide array of fields and disciplines of higher education. With a distinct focus on applied sciences, the AUAS enables students, lecturers, and researchers to develop cutting-edge – and practical – knowledge and innovations.


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National Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek

The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) contributes to innovation and improvements in education by coordinating and funding education research and by facilitating the links between educational practice, policy, and research.




BIS Publishers

BIS Publishers is an Amsterdam-based independent publishing company specializing in producing books, games, and gifts in the areas of creativity, design, innovation, and leadership.





NOOK is the official magazine of the Dutch and Belgian professional associations for interior architecture, BNI and AINB. The magazine offers in-depth content, inspiration, and opinions. NOOK is published quarterly in English. 

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