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International Collage Day

May 11, 2024

Get ready to cut, combine, and create! On the second Saturday in May it's World Collage Day and we’re celebrating by featuring work of the very talented Kim Hamburg. Making a collage is a great way to train those creative muscles. So get creating and show us your masterpieces! 




May 6, 2024

Dutch artist Handiedan creates intricate mixed-media artworks combining digital and hand-cut collages. She layers paper and foam board and uses found materials like vintage porcelain or ornamental antique frames. Handiedan bridges traditional craftsmanship with modern digital techniques, and some of her works are enhanced with augmented reality.




Beyond the Canvas with Ytje Veenstra 

April 29, 2024

Ready to go beyond the canvas? Our interview with the trailblazing VR artist, animator, and illustrator Ytje Veenstra is now available! Step into Ytje's world, where art and virtual reality converge to redefine the boundaries of expression. Discover how she molds her vision into reality and pushes the limits of her artistic expression. Check it out here!




Keeping it Real: Architectural Renders in the Age of AI

April 23, 2024

The rise of electronic tools and AI in creating photorealistic architectural renders has prompted a question: Is there a place for traditional hand-drawn sketches, or do these high-tech renders risk creating unrealistic client expectations? We delved into this issue by speaking to two innovative architects, Andrew Kudless of Matsys and Harshdeep Arora (prspctivs), who employ state-of-the-art software programs to navigate this new frontier of AI. Read more.




The Social Cartography of Carlijn Kingsma 

April 19, 2024

The Dutch have a longstanding tradition of cartography. Just think of notable figures like Ortelius, Mercator, and Blau. We can now add a new name to the list: Carlijn Kingma. Trained as an architect at Delft's University of Technology, Carlijn ventured off the beaten path to become a social cartographer. Today, she creates mesmerizing drawings that use the metaphorical language of architecture to explore and map complex societal ideas.

Want to see more of her captivating artwork and find out how they were made [spoiler alert: it's a slow and painstaking process]? Read the interview we did with Carlijn here.





Book: How AI Changes the Face of the Creative Industry

April 18, 2024 

The creative industry is buzzing with talk of AI: Will it edge out human creativity, or can we work alongside it? Creative director Seema Sharma says it’s all about teaming up with tech. In her new book, ‘The New Creatives,’ which Sharma co-wrote with AI, she explores how AI is shaking up the creative world.

Eager to know more about AI and creativity? Read the full interview we did with Seema here.